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Create a public forum for memoQ ideas, questions, and problems

By Jeremy B @JongleurX
    2018-09-08 13:54:31.067Z

    I'd like to propose that a moderated, public community be created to allow memoQ users a chance to collaborate with fellow users (and memoQ Ltd. staff willing to participate) for the following purposes.

    • Propose ideas
    • Report bugs
    • Ask questions

    Why should we do this?

    There is already a support system (Kayako) for users with active SMA agreements. Kayako is a useful system, but it has a few drawbacks:

    • It doesn't allow users to post public bugs that can be commented by other users (except for users within a given company).
    • This "private-only" design causes users to submit variations on the same ideas, causing good ideas to be lost in the shuffle.
    • It doesn't have a voting system, and only allows users to set one of three urgency levels.
    • It isn't helpful for users that may not be up to date on their SMA.

    There is also an unofficial Facebook group for memoQ users to fill the latter gap, which memoQ Ltd. staffers frequent, but Facebook suffers from some of the same deficits as the official Kayako support system, and is an unpalatable platform for some privacy-conscious users.

    By creating a public forum that allows users to propose ideas, report bugs, and ask questions, and get feedback from fellow users and memoQ Ltd. staff in the form of votes and comments, we can all benefit. Having an open, moderated platform for civil discussion will help memoQ Ltd. make more informed product decisions that will help the most users.

    How would it work?

    The details are not yet fully fleshed out. My current proposal is to use the platform and make use of the built-in chat types:

    • Idea
    • Problem
    • Question
    • Discussion
    • Chat
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