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How much does it cost to do a company registration in UK?

By David Hicks @DavidHicks
    2023-06-16 09:09:09.926Z

    It depends on whether you need a paper certificate or if a digital one is enough. Registering online only costs £12, to be paid by a debit or credit card. This method usually gets your company registered within 24 hours. You can also send a paper application to Companies House by mailing the form IN01. Standard postal applications cost £40 and are processed within 8-10 days. If you want a guaranteed same-day paper application, you’ll have to pay £100.

    Alternatively, you can pay someone to do everything for you. This agency handles company registrations in the UK, and their rates are quite close to what you would pay as a DIY’er. This way, you can save a lot of time from having to prepare everything and check your certificate manually. They can also help with company restorations, apostilles and notarizations and also provide you with a registered address if you don’t have one.

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